Cadiveu Keratin Treatment


CADIVEU Keratin Treatment products with All Natural Ingredients!

Regular price for this amazing service is $200. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY $150.

This treatment’s last step is a shampoo so all residual product is removed before you leave the salon. You may shower & shampoo your hair anytime after the treatment.

Imported from Brazil- keratin treatment that washes out the same day, is Formaldahyde free and leaves your hair beautiful, silky and frizz-free!

About Cadiveu Professional

Cadiveu symbolizes research, innovation and development of efficient products and perfect harmony between natural and technological elements. Natural raw materials are from our rich Amazon Forest. Our exclusive formula is developed by chemists and qualified cosmetologists and result in high performance products that guarantee excellent results to the demanding professionals.

Complete line rich in special active principles based in cocoa, keratin and panthenol. Extremely moisturizing, the products provide a natural smoothing effect and eliminate frizz.

Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction

Service – Thermal Hair Reconstruction. Kit composition: Anti Residue Shampoo, Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction, Deep Conditioning Mask. Suitable for: wavy and frizzy hair, with or without previous chemical treatments. Results: Naturally straight and smooth hair, extremely shiny and without frizz.

Technology – Cocoa, Keratin, Panthenol, pH 2.8 (acid 0 decisive factor for the smoothing process). How it works: The smoothing effect is provided through the rigorous application of the 3 steps: the Anti Residue Shampoo with pH 9 (alkaline) opens the hair shaft cuticles so that the Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction with pH 2.8 (acid) will be effective. The heat provided by the hairdryer and the hair-straighter activates the ingredients which are then fixed to the hair. The Deep Conditioning Mask with pH 4.5 finally equilibrates the hair pH values keeping hair straight and reconstructed for longer times.

Keratin Nourishing Treatment

Service – Keratin Nourishing Treatment. Kit composition: Anti Residue Shampoo, Deep Conditioning Mask, Keratin Nourishing Treatment. Suitable for: Dyed or damaged hair. Results: Provides intense nutrition, smoothing effect for porous and dry hair.

Technology – Keratin concentrate, Panthenol, Cocoa butter and Ph 4.5. How it works: Fortifies hair by adding strength and improving elasticity. Deeply reinforces the internal structure of the hair and intensively refinishes the outer layer with protection.

Smoothing Shine Serum

Service – Aluminizing Leave in with heat protection. Results: Protects hair from the harmful effects of heat-styling tools. Nourishes, softens and gives hair shine from roots to ends. Improves hair straightening and drying performance.

Technology – Special silicones concentrate, Panthenol, Cocoa butter and pH 4.5. How it works: Rich in special silica, it helps to speed up the blow dry process creating a protecting film against external aggression. It prolongs the style created with the brush and hair straighter.

Deep Conditioning Mask

Service – Powerful hair mask provides an extreme nourishing effect from root to ends. Eliminates porosity and reduces split hair tendency. Results: Sexy hair, nourished, strong and extremely shiny.

Technology – Special silicones concentrate, Keratin, Panthenol, Cocoa butter and pH 4.5 How it works: the nourishing elements concentrate enters the inner part of the hair providing force, shine and smoothness.


by Cadiveu

The Steps

With the rising humidity of summer comes frizz for many people with wavy and curly hair.

Brazilianti offers a solution for those seeking smoother hair without damage.

The product, imported from Sao Paulo, Brazil, is used by top salons and stylists around the country.

The formaldehyde-free treatment—from beginning to end in— takes about 90 minutes, with no down or processing time between steps. It is designed to work well on on all hair types.

It improves the condition of the hair by creating a protein layer on the hair cuticle to smooth and prevent frizz.

“Once a client has this treatment they can go to Miami on the most humid day of the summer and their hair will not frizz, rather will stay smooth, silky and shiny just as it does when they walk out of the salon”, says Braziliante by Cadiveu partner Don Ben Avi. .

First the hair is washed with an anti-residue shampoo to open the hair cuticle. Then the solution is applied thoroughly and evenly to the hair. It is blow dried and flat-ironed in 1-inch sections six to eight times with a 450-degree iron to lock in the treatment. Finally, a masque is applied for a few minutes before the hair is rinsed.

In addition to reducing frizz, smoothing the hair and adding shine, another major benefit of the treatment is that it cuts drying time down to one third. If it usually takes 45 minutes, it will only take 15 post-treatment because the hair has less porosity.

After the treatment, Braziliante by Cadiveu sells a line of products to keep the hair looking its best. The Anti Frizz Shampoo and Anti Frizz Conditioner are extremely moisturizing and contain ingredients such as keratin to prolong the results of the treatment. The Leave-in Anti-Frizz contains solar protection and leaves the hair smooth and shiny.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. What is a Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment?

A. A Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment is an in salon treatment that takes about 90 minutes. This treatment smoothes the hair and leaves it looking radiantly shiny, smooth, soft and healthy for up to 16 weeks. The treatment seals in the cuticle which cuts drying time down to 1/3 of the usual time. i.e . Hair that used to take 30 minutes to blowdry, now takes 10 mins. This treatment also gives you the option of air drying your hair to look smooth and beautiful.

Q. Who is the best candidate for the Braziliante by Cadiveu Brazilian Treatment?

A. Mostly anyone is a good candidate for the Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment. It is effective on all hair types including : thick, thin, dry, chemically damaged, straight, wavy and curly. This professional service will make the hair healthier as it smoothes the cuticle and eliminates frizz and creates shine.

Q. Can I still receive a Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment if my hair is highlighted or colored?

A. Yes, the Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment works great with highlighted and colored hair. It will enhance the color, eliminate frizz and make the hair look healthier overall.

 Q. Will the Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment reduce my hair’s volume?

A. No, your hair will still have volume after your Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment! You will still be able to use a curling iron and/or round brush to create body and volume.

Q. Is the Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment going to make my hair straight?

A. It depends on what the natural texture of your hair is. For example, if your hair is wavy, the treatment will most likely allow your hair to dry straight. If your hair is curly, then it will eliminate the frizz as it enhances the definition of the natural curl. If your hair is straight, the treatment will eliminate frizz and give your hair a shiny, healthy look. Finally, the treatment will cut down drying time on all hair to 1/3 of the usual time.

 Q. How long will the Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment last?

A. The Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment results will vary from 12 to even 16 weeks. It depends on the individual and how often they wash their hair. It is also essential to use the Cadiveu retail line. This treatment is cumulative so the more treatments you receive, the longer a client can go between treatments.

Q. Can you apply the Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment directly on top of other relaxers or perms?

A. Absolutely. The Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment works great on chemically treated and damaged hair. The proteins and nutrients help to seal the cuticle and leave the hair looking healthy.

Q. Will I be able to have my color done on the same day as my Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment?

A. Yes, ideally you will want to do the color service the same day because the cuticle is already open. If you do have the Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment and then decide to do color, you will want to wait at least 14 days before having a color service.

Q. What steps can I take to prolong the life of my Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment?

A. The most important thing you can do is use the Braziliante by Cadiveu Retail line that your salon or stylist offers. The more often you wash your hair, the less time your treatment will last so you may want to try to wash your hair around 3 times per week if possible.

Q. Will swimming in the ocean or pool compromise my Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment?

A. Swimming in the ocean or pool is fine, but the life of your treatment may be compromised if you swim regularly. The Leave-In Anti-Frizz is a great product to apply before swimming to protect the hair from the elements such as chlorine and salt in the water.

Q. How long do I need to wait to wash my hair after the Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment?

A. There is no waiting period, you can wash it immediately following the treatment if you would like.

Q. Am I still a candidate for the Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment if I am platinum blonde?

A. Yes. Your stylist has been trained on how to perform a Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment and has learned to turn the heat of the flat iron down to 380-400 degrees depending on the condition of your hair.

Q. Can the Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment be administered on hair extensions?

A. Yes. Actually this treatment is a great solution to the common issue of hair extensions becoming excessively dry due to the lack of natural oils from the scalp. Ideally, it is easiest to perform the treatment before the extensions are put in the hair. However, if they are in the hair, it is not a problem. Extreme caution should be used around the bond or cylinder area to prevent slippage.

Q. Is the Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment permanent or will it grow out?

A. No the treatment is not permanent nor will it “grow out”. The treatment gradually and evenly washes out so there is no “line of demarcation”. This treatment does not change the inner structure of the hair, but rather creates a protein layer overlay on the cuticle which protects the hair. As the hair is protected for an extended time, the condition of the hair is improved.

Q. Can the Braziliante by Cadiveu Treatment be performed on clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding?

A. Since there have not been any studies or tests on the possible effects, we recommend to air on the side of caution and not perform the service on pregnant clients. Some clients may get their doctor’s approval which is up to your discretion.


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